fashionABLE Beginnings

While living in Ethiopia, Barrett and his wife Rachel saw firsthand how extreme poverty forced so many young girls and women to make awful choices for money. When speaking to these women, they told him they wanted an opportunity to earn a living, not to be given charity, so he created a business that would give them a job. By providing jobs, the fashionABLE approach has changed how people think about solving extreme poverty.

With those beginnings in mind, each product is named for one of the heroic women we work with, and has a part of her story attached.

The Original Business

Images of young women roaming the streets for income motivated us to start fashionABLE. As we diversify the ways we work with women, this core business continues to grow.

How We're Diversifying

We work to strengthen new partners who have fair wage and hiring practices for women. By strengthening those businesses, we use economic leverage to promote social change.