Selam Stripes Scarf
Selam Scarf - ivory/black | The Selam Scarf - lemon yellow | The Selam Scarf  | Selam Scarf - ivory/black | Selam Scarf - ivory/black | - guy
Selam Scarf - ivory/black | livefashionABLE.comThe Selam Scarf - lemon yellow | livefashionABLE.comThe Selam Scarf  | livefashionABLE.comSelam Scarf - ivory/black | livefashionABLE.comSelam Scarf - ivory/black | - guy

Selam Stripes Scarf


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Product Description

– Medium weight
– Solid background with contrasting textured stripes
– Handwoven in Ethiopia // Ridiculously soft 100% cotton
– Subtle variations add to the uniqueness of each scarf.



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    I have this in a teal/yellow color and love it!!! It is so soft and comfy and gives just the right pizzazz to outfits. And I can’t even say how proud I am to support this company!!!!

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    I love this scarf! I have it in a couple different colors. The livefashionABLE scarves are very high quality and very well made. I also like how this scarf is a good length to wear it several different ways. A lot of scarves you find are very short and don’t offer as many possibilities. I always get compliments on my livefashionABLE scarves and am able to spread the message of how they’re made in Africa to create sustainable businesses for the women there.

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