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24Nov, 2015

Introducing the Monthly Maker’s Box!!

Posted by on November 24, 2015

Monthly Maker's Box | FASHIONABLE

We’re so excited to introduce a new gift that keeps on giving: the Monthly Maker’s Box!!

Whether it’s something you keep for yourself, or give as a perfect last-minute gift (with meaning!)… the piece you will receive each month is keeping women employed who have overcome extraordinary challenges.

Choose from 3 packages: The Steady, The Saver, or The Giver.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 2.54.51 PM

Monthly Maker's Box | FASHIONABLE



21Nov, 2015

Update on Mamuye!

Posted by on November 21, 2015


Each of our GLOBAL products are named after a heroic woman in Ethiopia or Kenya that we work with, and comes with a note saying what she’s ABLE to do because of your purchase.

We introduced you to Mamuye when we first launched the Tote named in her honor last summer.  While this bag continues to be everybody’s favorite (seen on Julianne Hough, Jessica Alba, Minka Kelly, Drew Barrymore, and Olivia Wilde – no big deal.) — we wanted to get an update on Mamuye herself.

Mamuye and her husband both work and contribute to their home. She recently got a salary raise and is able to lead a more comfortable life. She still works on stitching but is highly specialized – with 6 years of experience now and on-job trainings. She always goes to church and listen to religious songs at her free time. Her goal has changed and now she hopes to own her own leather goods production business one day!

Her original ABLE statement has been “Because of your purchase, I am ABLE to work hard and get promoted, too.”  It’s so neat to see her hard work paying off, and that she’s gotten a raise!

Thank you for helping us to create sustainable business for women like Mamuye.


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 10.14.51 AM

20Nov, 2015

The Mamuye Tote Travels to South America

Posted by on November 20, 2015

Our Mamuye Tote continues to be a favorite and one of the most versatile pieces in our leather collection.  Whether you use it as a carry-on during traveling, as your work bag with your laptop and notepads, or as your everyday purse — it’s spacious, sturdy, and can seriously hold so much stuff.

A few weeks ago Tara and Jordan from Knowmad Adventures took off to South America, each armed with their Mamuye Tote.  The girls explored both Argentina and Chile, where they stayed at Awasi Patagonia Lodge, hiked Cerro Serano, navigated by boat through Patagonia fjords to Ushuaia, the Southernmost city on earth and enjoyed phenomenal dinners paired with local wine and more. Being organized from the start was key, the Eyerusalem Passport Wallet – with pockets designed specifically for a passport, credit cards and cash – made airport security and boarder crossings throughout their trip easy. They crisscrossed the globe via car, airplane and boat making a versatile and durable carryall bag, like the  Mamuye Tote, essential. From airport travel days to exploring the streets of Buenos Aires, taking a remote expedition cruise through Patagonia, or simply enjoying the grounds of a new adventure lodge, the FASHIONABLE tote and passport wallet were the perfect accessories for a month of adventure!

Checkout some of the photos they shared with us below.

Mamuye Tote - Knowmad Adventures | FASHIONABLE

Patagonia w/ Knowmad Adventures | FASHIONABLE

Mamuye Tote - Knowmad Adventures | FASHIONABLE

Mamuye Tote - Knowmad Adventures | FASHIONABLE

Be sure to also check out this blog post the girls wrote with their packing tips for preparing for an international trip!

Knowmad Adventures - How to pack internationally | FASHIONABLE

18Nov, 2015

Home for the Holidays – part two.

Posted by on November 18, 2015

We hope you guys are loving our new line of Home Goods as much as we are!  We designed them with our friend Kelly  in colors + patterns that you can use year-round, but that we also think work super well for entertaining during this Holiday season!

Fall Dinner Party | FASHIONABLE

Along with the napkins, table runners, and tea towels, we’ve put together Party Boxes with extra goodies like recipe cards, menu cards, and conversation cards — equipping you to throw the perfect dinner party.  Our recipe cards are curated by our friend Gaby, and earlier this week we shared one of the recipes and we asked her how food helps her celebrate during the holidays

Today we’re sharing a fun Fall recipe from another favorite food blogger, Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod.  She’s shared her Baked Brie with Apples + Salted Caramel recipe — what a perfect appetizer to serve your guests!  We’re drooling.  We asked Maria how food helps her celebrate, too:

I love the holiday season because it is a time to celebrate old traditions and create new memories. I love a kitchen that is filled with family, friends, laughter, and full bellies! 

Home for the Holidays - Two Peas & Their Pod Recipe | FASHIONABLE

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.40.48 AM

Be sure to order a Party Box for to throw your own dinner party this season!!

PartyBox - Level 3 | FASHIONABLE

17Nov, 2015

Meet Terri!

Posted by on November 17, 2015

A few months ago we expanded our impact to now working with women locally, as well as globally.  Currently, our local women create our jewelry line, known as the Miriam Collection.  We love these gals so much, and want to introduce them to you over the next few weeks.

First, meet Terri. She is the newest member to our jewelry team, and she brings so much joy and passion into our studio every day.  We hope you can capture a little bit of that, too, as you hear her story and get to know her…


Q. How long have you been in Nashville? Where are you from originally?

A. I’ve been in Nashville since I was 8. I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN.

Q.  If you wouldn’t mind, tell us a little bit about yourself. Your family, background, etc.

A. I’m Terri and I’m a 2006 graduate of the Magdalene program. I am a mother of 6 and have 3 grandchildren. I was on drugs for 15 years of my life and in the process, lost custody of my children. In 2004 I got my youngest daughter back at the age of 3 and got to raise her myself…her name is Sunshine. After coming to the program, I always struggled with staying clean- experiencing relapse after relapse. When I turned 40, I thought I was going to lose my mind. My son got charged with murder and on my 40th birthday, I went out and got high.  The day after, my oldest daughter came and found me and I haven’t used ever since- I’ve been sober now for 5 years. My kids and my grandkids are my life and help keep me sober. If I ever want to give up, I think of them. They are all back in my life now & so I can’t give up. I have no reason to give up anymore.

Q. How did you hear about FASHIONABLE?

A. Through Becca Stevens of Magdalene/Thistle Farms. She and Barrett (FASHIONABLE founder/CEO)  had connected and he said to keep them aware of any women who needed jobs. I came and interviewed and said if you hire me, you won’t regret it. And here I am. 

Q. What’s your favorite thing about making jewelry?

A. My favorite thing is what I call watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly. When I came in I didn’t know anything about making jewelry, and now I’m so amazed to see what I’m able to do in a day.

Q. What do you love to do in your free time?

A. Spend time with my grandkids. I love my grandkids. And listen to country music- make sure you mention Blake Shelton on there! (it’s true. Terri LOVES Blake Shelton!)

Q. What’s your favorite jewelry piece? 

A. The floral bar necklace. (she’s wearing it in her photo!)

Q. What are you ABLE to do because of your job at FASHIONABLE?

A. I am ABLE to love again and I am able to communicate with people because I had shut down. And I am able to be myself and know I am accepted no matter what I have been through and for who I am today. I am no longer a number anymore- I don’t belong to the state. I belong to me again.


16Nov, 2015

Home for the Holidays – part one.

Posted by on November 16, 2015

We hope you guys are loving our new line of Home Goods as much as we are!  We designed them with our friend Kelly  in colors + patterns that you can use year-round, but that we also think work super well for entertaining during this Holiday season!



Along with the napkins, table runners, and tea towels, we’ve put together Party Boxes with extra goodies like recipe cards, menu cards, and conversation cards — equipping you to throw the perfect dinner party.  Our recipe cards are curated by our friend Gaby of  We asked her how food helps her celebrate:

Food is the best way to bring people together! There’s nothing I love more than cooking for all my friends and family and sitting down to enjoy a meal together. Selfishly I love everyone ooohing and aaahing over my cooking – but it’s also such a great way to connect with people that have really busy lives. We all have to eat so why not do it together and spend some quality time with those we love! 

One of our favorite recipes in our Party Box is Gaby’s Caramel Brownies:

What's Gaby Cooking - Caramel Brownies | FASHIONABLE

Be sure to order a Party Box for more Fall recipes from Gaby!

PartyBox - Level 3 | FASHIONABLE


12Nov, 2015

The Perfect Gift Has Meaning

Posted by on November 12, 2015

Heroic Women | FASHIONABLE

We work with women, both locally and globally, who have overcome challenges raining from prostitution to addiction to homelessness.

Each hand-made product comes with a tag that tells the story of the women we work with, and has a specific name attached to it, as a reminder of how your purchase is creating jobs for them.


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.37.45 PM


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.37.54 PM


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.38.02 PM

10Nov, 2015

Introducing: Charm Bracelets

Posted by on November 10, 2015

Introducing our brand new Charm Bracelets — expandable bangles, each with 3 charms. Available in gold + silver and at $48, they’re a fun addition to add to your arm party!

Read below for the inspiration and personality behind each bracelet.

GREAT ADVENTURE CHARM BRACELET (gold) – This bracelet is perfect for the adventurers out there- those who either love it or may need a little extra of it in their life. It features a turquoise gemstone accompanied by a hand-stamped compass and a bronze feather charm.

Charm Bracelet | FASHIONABLE

Charm Bracelet | FASHIONABLE

SECRET GARDEN CHARM BRACELET (silver) – This bracelet is great for romantics and those who love seeking out beauty + mystery. This bracelet features a gorgeous, soft hued sandstone gemstone accompanied by a key and a lotus charm.

Charm Bracelet | FASHIONABLE

Charm Bracelet | FASHIONABLE

05Nov, 2015

Party Boxes

Posted by on November 5, 2015

Party Boxes - Dinner Party | FASHIONABLE

We are so excited about the launch of our new Home Goods Line & hope you love it as much as we do! With the holidays approaching, we have been focusing on community and ways to initiate that in our own neighborhoods, with our own friends + family. So, we came up with the idea of party boxes. We want to equip you with everything you need to host your own dinner party! Throwing an event can be intimidating, so we want to simplify it for you. We have created 4 different levels, based on your desired number of guests + what items you are looking to add to your kitchen/entertaining collection. As the packages increase, so do the discounts!

Each box includes a combination of our new Home Goods: the Dechasa Table Runner, Almaz Napkins, and Legesse Tea Towels — all hand-woven from 100% Ethiopian cotton.

Then, we’ve added in extra goodies from some our favorite party people:
*Menu Cards: beautiful copper letterpress that reads “We Feast with Thankful Hearts”, designed by Lindsay Letters
*Recipe Cards: a 5-course Fall/Winter meal, curated by What’s Gaby Cooking
*Conversation Cards: 25 questions to spark conversation, curated by Blonde Atlas

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 9.10.01 AM

Fall Dinner Party | FASHIONABLE

Here’s a breakdown of the levels:


  • table runner (choose your color)
  • 1 tea towel (choose your color) 
  • 1 set of conversation cards
  • cost: $44 // value: $64 (save $20!)

PartyBox - Level 1 | FASHIONABLE


  • table runner (choose your color)
  • 2 tea towels
  • 1 set of 4 napkins (choose your color)
  • 4 menu cards
  • 1 set of conversation cards
  • 1 set of recipe cards
  • cost: $88 // value: $128 (save $40!)

PartyBox - Level 2 | FASHIONABLE


  • table runner  (choose your color)
  • 2 sets of 4 napkins (8 total – choose your color)
  • 8 menu cards
  • 1 set of conversation cards
  • 3 tea towels (choose your colors)
  • 1 set of recipe cards
  • cost: $132 // value: $182 (save $50!)

PartyBox - Level 3 | FASHIONABLE


  • 2 table runners (choose your colors)
  • 3 sets of 4 napkins (12 total – choose your colors)
  • 12 menu cards
  • 1 set of conversation cards
  • 4 tea towels (choose your colors)
  • 1 set of recipe cards
  • cost: $198 // value: $274 (save $76!)

PartyBox - Level4 | FASHIONABLE

Party Boxes are currently available for pre-order, with an expected ship date of November 20th. If you pre-order during the first week of sales (by November 12th!) you will be entered to win 1 of 5 copies of our friend Shauna Niequest’s book Bread & Wine.  This book is the perfect narration to go along with our party boxes — Shauna celebrates the community and connection of family and friends that happens around the table. (and it has some yummy recipes, too!). The 5 winners will be drawn randomly from pre-orders, and your book will be shipped with your Party Box package!