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  • Anna

    Every time I put on a fashionABLE scarf, I’m reminded of the amazing woman who created it. I travel all over the world for work wearing my scarves, and the women’s stories travel with me. However, my favorite place to wear a fashionABLE scarf is while working at the Mocha Club table during a show. People notice the beauty of the scarf, and I get to share the beauty of the person woven into it – the talented and inspiring woman and her ability.

  • Jill

    This bold scarf demands awe in its brilliant & arresting design. It is a humble privilege to respectfully share its story of sustainable, fair wage production. Your artistry, Genet, is shifting people’s mind sets of what can & should be. Thank you for your courage & steadfast faith – you inspire me.

  • Courtney

    I love this beautiful and amazing scarf! However, the women who make them are even more beautiful and amazing!

  • marisa

    love that i got to wear my scarf in the middle of the summer in ALASKA!

  • Ian Bentley

    I love scarfs, but the women who make them are even more amazing!

  • Cathy Arkle

    I love anything with a story, so naturally I adore my FashionABLE scarf. I am inspired by all of the woman who have made radical changes in their lives for good. Job well done. I might be but one voice, but I am featuring my new scarf everywhere I can… on my website (|) as well as on my Facebook page. I will help get the message out where ever I can.