As fashionABLE continues to grow, we know that interns and volunteers are a vital part to our success. Join our team to learn more, motivate more, be inspired more, and gain more valuable experience than you could ever imagine! 

fashionABLE | interns

VOLUNTEERS commit to a few hours a week to help with things around the Nashville office and/or for special events. To apply to be a general volunteer, fill out the form below.

INTERNSHIPS run in three seasons: spring, summer, & fall. Each intern applies to and specializes in a specific department, though we highly value a collaborative team environment and there is often overlap in departments + responsibilities. You’ll learn the ins and outs of sustainable business and receive valuable hands-on experience in how fashionABLE runs! Oh, and have the time of your life, too.

Positions are unpaid, and interns must provide their own housing arrangements and transportation to & from the office.

NEXT SEASON: Spring 2015
start date: Monday, January 12th
end date: Friday, May 8th
location: fashionABLE offices in Nashville, TN



Look through the departments and fill out the interest form below. We will then follow-up with an application.

• Administration + Customer Care
Our admin team keeps our organization running behind the scenes. Help with everything from data entry to replying to phone and email inquiries to assisting with product fulfillment. This applicant must be ridiculously organized and an excellent communicator, with a working knowledge of Excel/Word. You may be the one and only interaction someone has with our customer service – constant smiling through the phone is a must.

• Production + Inventory Management
fashionABLE operations are vast and varied and very hard to put into words. But trust us – if you have an interest in the business side of things, this is the position for you. Assist in managing inventory, and offering insight into our production process both here and in Africa- including quality control, logistics, and product management. An understanding of international business a plus.

• Retail Support + Sales
The retailers who carry fashionABLE scarves and tell our story are a vital part to our success. As a young company, we are constantly growing our base of retailers and desiring to improve our relationships with those that already sell our scarves. Provide interpersonal support to retailers, and act as a sales representative to potential new stores. Must be a confident communicator and comfortable on the phone. Sales experience a plus.

• Graphic Design + Video
We highly value the way we look and feel in the print + video world. Work with our team on design projects from brainstorming to implementation. Interns will design smaller projects on their own, and work with our freelance designers on larger projects (both web & print). There is also an opportunity for photography assistance on fashionABLE shoots. Video applicants should have a camera and a working knowledge of final cut pro. Graphic applicants should use photoshop and in design, and preferably a mac.

• Communications + Marketing
You know what they say – communication is key. We’re all about expressing a message well and sharing the stories of fashionABLE with as many people as possible! This applicant needs to enjoy researching + brainstorming, and really love to think outside of the box. Proven writing and journalism skills and an online presence are a must.