Anything is Possible When We Are #able2THRIVE

19Nov, 2014

Anything is Possible When We Are #able2THRIVE


What does it mean to “thrive”?

This season, the fashionABLE team is asking everyone – from Africa to America – to consider what this means in your own context. The space to create. Staying connected to tradition, family and community. Sacred moments with those we love most. Opportunity to build a sustainable life for those around us. Quiet moments to dream and recharge. We are celebrating the heart of what makes our lives meaningful.

What about you? Where do you find meaning to Thrive?
Join the community of women across the world and share what makes you #able2THRIVE

Women Leaders who are #able2THRIVE

We asked women leaders what it means to be #able2THRIVE and we weren’t surprised to find that their answers were full of new inspiration.


“To THRIVE is to live the life we were uniquely created for. It means doing the work we love, with the ones we love. In return, we are gifted by watching others do the same.”

- Rebekah Lyons: author, co-founder of @qideas  // — @rebekahlyons


“To thrive means
To be able to be aware of a the greater story that is happening around me.
To experience joy right where I’m at, no matter my circumstances.
To be fully awake and ready for all that life has to offer.”

- Jessi: blogger, designer, co-founder of @influencenet // — @jessaconnolly


  “I am able to thrive when I am focused on Jesus and who I am according to Him, making decisions based on His will and not my own. In my life, it looks like loving others well, taking care of myself, and living with joy!”  

— Erin: blogger // — @homewiththeboys

“Realizing that my gifts and passions can make this world a better place has made me #able2THRIVE”

- Toni Carey: Founder, Black Girls Run — @toni_carey


 “To thrive.
To me the meaning of thriving is to flourish. To flourish in something not just because I need to be succesful but in something that I absolutely love. To flourish in something that is my passion and makes me ME. I thrive to make ordinary spaces look extraordinary. Spaces that will go unnoticed because I put my heart and soul into making them uniquely unique. Every woman should thrive in something that they have a passion for.” 

- Kirsten: blogger, designer // — @simplygrove 

“I am #able2THRIVE when God compels me to take a stand and the leaders in my community stand with me.” 

- Julie Roys: National Radio Host, Moody Radio “Up for Debate” — @reachjulieroys

“To me, thriving means the opportunity to learn new things and a heart that savors the little everyday moments.”

– Lindsey: blogger //  — @lindseykubly 


Thriving is a balance of creating space, finding stillness, including self care, nurturing relationships, searching for inspiration and meaning, finding beauty in today, and discovering nature around me. I am #able2THRIVE when I celebrate this process with gratitude for doing this well and grace when I fail.

- Daniela Peon de Lara: artist + designer, Miami

“Being able to THRIVE is such an important part of what I do. To me, it means being able to be confident in my work and personal life while also looking forward to what’s to come. It means exploring new challenges and opportunities that foster personal growth which then allows me to mentor others who may have similar goals and dreams #able2THRIVE”  

- Gaby: chef, author // — @whatsgabycookin 


“I’m #able2THRIVE because my job provides the opportunity to talk to people from all walks of life. Learning the stories that shape their perspectives, which often differ from my own, provides a greater understand of the community we live in. We may not always agree on everything, but we can certainly respect each other.”

- Abby: writer, The Nashville Scene — @fabigailwhite


“I am #able2THRIVE when my head, heart, and body are open and I am fully available to live in the present. I am #able2THRIVE when I take time to ponder something bigger than myself.” 

- Amber Lehman: stylist, Nashville  // — @amberlehman


“I went to the dictionary and found the words “prosper” and “flourish” in the definition of thrive.  It’s so easy to look at those words and think finances and success, but I think the aspect of true thriving that we need to focus on more is flourishing in the way we love others.  Looking around us to see how we can help others prosper — and in being selfless and doing that?  We prosper and thrive ourselves.”  
- Kacia: blogger // — @coconutrobot 

“I love getting to sing what’s true. I love that it also happens to be my job. I love that I couldn’t do my job without the amazing team of friends & family surrounding and supporting us. Community is beautiful & vital. #able2THRIVE”  

- Ellie Holcomb: singer, songwriter // — @ellieholcomb

“At DesignGood, we THRIVE in finding and promoting the work of creatives who are using their talents for good, and in creating our own design work”

- Robin: writer for / blogger at – @designgoodnow // @reetzrobin 

“Living…and working…out of abundance. Having the tools, resources, abilities, and freedom to pursue our callings.”

- Lindsey: co-founder of IF gathering // — @lindseynobles 

“I find meaning and desire to thrive through the people I love. Whether it be my husband, parents, best friends or siblings, my loved ones provide inspiration and encouragement on a daily basis to be the best I can be and bloom where I am planted!”  

- Molly: Nashville artist, songwriter — @reedmolly 

“I’m #able2THRIVE most when I have joy and purpose in life, no matter the season or circumstance- finding the Lord in the little things and seeing Him at work in me and around me.”

- Natalie: blogger, potter // — @nspottery 

“I am #able2THRIVE when I let my whole woman out. Me- a mess, vulnerable, strong, opinionated, healed and all things feminine. Letting go of what others think. I am best when I am focused on who God made me- not trying to change a thing.”

- Rachel Reiman: makeup artist + stylist, Chicago //


“Being able to bring a smile to someone else or when someone else brings a smile to my face #able2Thrive”

- Dana: blogger // — @possessionista 


“To me, thriving means deepening my connections. It’s a step above survival – our basic need for community – and embracing a spirit of intention with the lives around me.”

- Erin: blogger, designer, founder of clementine daily // — @erinloechner 

Hayley Morgan

“I am able to thrive because I have people on my team who love me. They support the dreams I have and speak life into the places that feel scary or hopeless.”

- Hayley: blogger, co-founder of @influencenet // — @thetinytwig 

What about you? Lend your voice to this conversation.

Share online what makes you #able2THRIVE and you might just inspire us all.

14Nov, 2014

Meet Irene.

We mentioned yesterday with the Irene Wallet launch that this is not only the first in our new men’s line… but this is our first product created outside of Ethiopia: we’ve expanded to KENYA! We are so excited for what this means — more opportunity to create + sustain business that is bringing hope + diginty to women, their families, and their communities.

Our partner, Rift Valley Leather, has been producing hand-made high-quality leather goods with locally sourced leather for 5 years. They have a high value on treating their employees with dignity and respect, in a fair and ethical environment. And we love that they really focus on finding and developing the local talent, providing training opportunities to continue to improve their skills and allow their employees to advance and grow in the company.

Irene |

Like all fashionABLE products, this wallet is named after one of the heroic women we work with. Irene shares how this job has given her self-esteem, and how it has allowed her to contribute to her family’s household expenses, as well as save for emergencies and for her education. She has already been promoted in her first year of employment!  Irene has big dreams of owning her own business one day!  We can’t wait to watch that happen.

Because of working at Rift Valley, because of an opportunity, Irene is ABLE to have confidence + dreams for her future. Thank you for your purchases, and for being a part of making opportunity happen for women like Irene.

Irene |

There are more beautiful ladies working at Rift Valley that we can’t wait to introduce you to as we roll out new products, as well as additional Kenyan businesses and partners in the works that we will be launching with in 2015!!

Rift Valley - Kenya |

Matt Wertz + fashionABLE | Irene Wallet |

This has been the month of collaborations!  First, we had the ABLE scarf, designed by our #blogABLE buddy Erin Loechner. And today we launch the Irene wallet, designed by a long-time friend of fashionABLE, musician Matt Wertz

“In 2006 I traveled to Africa for the first time with my friend Barrett Ward. The fruit of that trip has continued to bloom almost a decade later, first with the start of The Mocha Club, a social giving platform, and now, a special collaboration with fashionABLE, a business creating + sustaining jobs for women in Africa. The Irene Wallet is the first collaboration between myself and fashionABLE and was born out my coming up empty when trying to find a replacement to my favorite wallet- a simple bi-fold with a spring-loaded money clip and chunky, contrast stitching. As with all fashionABLE products, the purchase of the Irene Wallet provides opportunity and therefore dignity for women… and they are crafting a beautiful and stylish product.  I’m confident you’ll enjoy the Irene wallet as much as I have!”   - Matt Wertz 

Matt Wertz + fashionABLE | Irene Wallet |

The Irene wallet is not only the debut product for our new men’s line, but it’s also the first fashionABLE product to be created outside of Ethiopia! (Yup, fashionABLE is expanding, y’all!)

This deluxe leather wallet was hand-crafted in Kenya, with our newest fashionABLE partner: Rift Valley leather.  We can’t wait to to tell you more about Rift Valley, about Kenya, and about Irene, the heroic woman this product is named after, who is ABLE to have confidence + dreams for her future. (Stay tuned tomorrow for more!)

Grab the Irene wallet for all of the guys in your life & get them a gift with meaning!  

Matt Wertz + fashionABLE | Irene wallet |


12Nov, 2014

Fall Faves: Kirsten.

It’s officially our favorite season, and we love celebrating our favorite bloggers + online friends and the things they’re loving each Fall.  (( check out past Fall Faves posts here! )) They each pick out one of their favorite scarves from our Fall Collection, and then share some of their other Fall Favorites.

Last in our series is Kirsten from  Kirsten is a super talented interior designer, and we could stare at her pinterest boards all day.  Read on to see what she’s loving this fall…. including the lovely Feleku scarf!

Fall Faves - Kirsten Grove |

06Nov, 2014

an ABLE dinner.

In honor of the ABLE scarf launching this week, our fashionABLE team invited Erin and some Nashville friends over for a celebration dinner.  We ate, we drank, we laughed, we told stories.  We celebrated and we declared the ABLE that we are so grateful for in our own lives, the ABLE that we get to be a part of with our purchases, the ABLE that connects us all.

Here’s a little snapshot of the evening celebrating the ABLE scarf, captured by our own talented team member, April Walker.

#theABLEscarf dinner party |

#theABLEscarf dinner party |

#theABLEscarf dinner party |

#theABLEscarf dinner party |

#theABLEscarf dinner party |

#theABLEscarf dinner party |

#theABLEscarf dinner party |

#theABLEscarf dinner party |

#theABLEscarf dinner party |

#theABLEscarf dinner party |

05Nov, 2014

Fall Faves: Meg

It’s officially our favorite season, and we love celebrating our favorite bloggers + online friends and the things they’re loving each Fall.  (( check out past Fall Faves posts here! )) They each pick out one of their favorite scarves from our Fall Collection, and then share some of their other Fall Favorites.

Next up is Meg Duerksen.  We met Meg through another favorite, Shannan. Her life is full of color & inspiration… from being a mama to her 5 kids to being super crafty + creative on her blog. Read on to see what Meg is loving this fall…. including our beautiful Aster scarf!

fashionABLE Fall Faves: Meg Duerksen

03Nov, 2014

The ABLE Scarf: designed by Erin Loechner.

We’re entering into a season of some collaborative products, and we couldn’t be more excited.

This first one is a scarf designed by our dear sweet friend Erin Loechner.  Erin traveled to Ethiopia with us on the #blogABLE trip last fall, which inspired her and gave her a vision for designing this product…



I met many women in Ethiopia—women of great strength and faith and ability. Women who were ABLE to rise above their circumstances and are learning to settle in the space that exists between gratitude and growth.

And this scarf is their statement; their declara- tion. A tangible celebration of my Ethiopian friends unraveling the story of their lives. Tigist, who is ABLE to dream of her future again. Mehari, who is ABLE to send her children to school. Alem, who is ABLE to raise her fam- ily well. Teshome, who is ABLE to support her little sisters.

Their statements are much like our own, scrawled with empowerment and intention, continually writing and rewriting themselves onto a larger page. Tearing and patching, ripping and repairing, tangling and unraveling. And these very statements, I believe, are what weave us together—intricately, delicately, permanently.

And so, this scarf is a declaration for all of us.
For those who feel more than ABLE or less than ABLE or maybe, just-might-be, perhaps ABLE enough. For those who have
fully realized their ABLE and those who haven’t yet scratched the surface of their ABLE. For those who embrace their unabashed ABLE or those who are nervously preparing to leap into their uncharted ABLE.

It’s for those of you like me— who might need a shift, an ever-so-slight unraveling of your story. Who might need a bit of mending from have-to or don’t-want- to or am-scared-to into one beautifully, achingly, undeniably inspiring perspective: ready, willing.


– erin loechner

To celebrate the launch of #theABLEscarf we’re offering FREE SHIPPING today!
Just use coupon code: ABLE.

The ABLE Scarf - designed by Erin Loechner |

31Oct, 2014


We’ve been talking a lot about SLOW FASHION lately here at fashionABLE.

We’ve mentioned the 3 reasons we’re taking it slow: SUSTAINABILITY, SUPPLY CHAIN, + STORY.
And this month we’ve been going into a little more detail on these areas.
We’ve touched on SUSTAINABILITY and SUPPLY CHAIN, and today we’re wrapping up with STORY.

Slow Fashion: STORY |


Each fashionABLE product is named after one of the heroic women we work with.

That means every product has a story behind it.

The women who so carefully and lovingly weave and craft our items are ABLE to do something because of your purchase…because they have a job.

Mamuye is ABLE to work hard and get promoted, too.

Selam is ABLE to see that her children are proud of her.

Meseret is ABLE to love others well.

Teshome is ABLE to support her little sisters.

Aster is ABLE to love her job.

So every time you wear your Anchinalu scarf you can think about Anchinalu, who is ABLE to have peace in her life. And every time you carry your Tigist clutch you can think about Tigist, who is ABLE to dream of her future again.


Slow Fashion: STORY |

We’d love to hear from you … how has supporting fashionABLE + other businesses that are committed to slow fashion changed your view on global poverty and the way you purchase?

Slow Fashion |


29Oct, 2014

Fall Faves: Kacia.

It’s officially our favorite season, and we love celebrating our favorite bloggers + online friends and the things they’re loving each Fall.  (( check out past Fall Faves posts here! )) They each pick out one of their favorite scarves from our Fall Collection, and then share some of their other Fall Favorites.

Next up is Kacia Hosmer.  Kacia hails from Pittsburgh and has been a friend of fashionABLE since the early days. She’s got an adorable toddler, Harlow, and just gave birth to her son, Jones (aka the cutest little nugget we’ve ever seen!)  Read on to see what Kacia’s loving this fall…. including our oh-so-cozy updated Mulu scarf!

fashionABLE FallFaves - Kacia

27Oct, 2014

fashionABLE is 4: Go Nuts.

fashionABLE is 4.

a note from our founder, Barrett….

Go nuts. Let me tell you why.

Four years have gone by since we first started fashionABLE.  A lot changes in four years, doesn’t it?  We’ve had joys, pains, and in the midst of it all we’ve learned a whole whole lot.

And the same range of experiences have been true for fashionABLE. Starting a new business stateside, and helping to develop a new operation in Ethiopia, carries both some expected and unexpected challenges. But, it’s easy to count all of that as joy as we see the fruit of our labor and the many lives changed.

We started fashionABLE with our partners in Ethiopia, Ellilta Products. We started by training three women to weave scarves, and they now employ over 30. And we now partner with 3 more businesses in Ethiopia – another weaving group, a leather company, and a group of HIV+ women that are repurposing bullet casings into beautiful beaded jewelry. We work with women-led business, and those that are having a positive impact on women and their communities.

Why do we especially focus on supporting women? Because what started from a heart of us wanting to empower women to rise out of difficult circumstances, has grown into an effective strategy for battling extreme poverty. We understand that women in the developing world often do more than an equal amount of the labor as men, but earn far less of a percentage of the income… and we also understand that this impacts her personal security and that of her children. But we also understand that when a woman is able to earn an income, she has a great impact on her family and her community.

As we grow and look at how we can have the biggest impact possible, we are growing in a direction of focusing more and more on creating a marketplace for the heroic partners and workers in Africa, while we will continue to help develop capacity and scale with new partners as needed.

We want to be a loudspeaker to the amazing work they are doing.  Join in that voice, because with your purchase and with your voice you are a part of providing jobs.  So that is a purchase you can feel good about.

So go nuts today… because the more product moved = more opportunity to those we wish to empower.

fashionABLE is 4 - 4 day sale

fashionABLE is 4.

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