fashionABLE Favorite Summer Trends: White on White.

fashionABLE favorite summer trends

We shared last week how we’re making the most of our summer style by celebrating the season’s best trends. This week: it’s all about going monochromatic with some white on white.

fashionABLE: summer trends: white on white | white on white 1

When dressing in the summer, it’s often easier to just grab a simple dress (or a jumpsuit!), eliminating the need to pair pieces together. If you are looking to style separates, we love the monochromatic look of white on white in the summer. It’s simple and fresh, while still being interesting and eye-catching. When pairing like colors, trying out different textures is key to keep your look from falling flat. Add some reflective shades and maybe a breezy summer scarf and voila!

fashionABLE | summer trends

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17Jul, 2014

Meet Mamuye.

Thank you for your continued ordering of the Mamuye Totes!  Remember that orders placed through tomorrow (7/18) while the Totes are backordered, will include a FREE Teshome leather bracelet when they ship!

We wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the heroic woman these totes are named after… Meet Mamuye.

Mamuye |

Mamuye is only 24 years old, but has amazing ambition. She’s been working with our leather partner, Modern Zege, for almost 5 years, and loves being trained and learning more about the stitching aspect of the leather craft. She is always looking to grow in her skills and be more productive in her work, with the goal of getting promoted to a quality control position soon!  Because of your purchase, Mamuye is ABLE to work hard and get promoted, too.  

Mamuye |

Thank you for helping us to create sustainable business for women like Mamuye. And don’t forget that the Mamuye Tote is now available in 3 beautiful color ways: cognac, black, & chocolate brown.

fashionABLE Mamuye Tote |

14Jul, 2014

ALT Scarf Design Contest 2.0 + Big Winner Rewards!

Gabby Blair and ALT summit team up with fashionABLE for our second Design Contest where the winner gets design credit and exciting rewards!

ALT + Design Mom + fashionABLE

Barrett + Janette + Gabby

In the Spring of last year, we ran a design contest with our friends at the ONE campaign and ALT, and the response was overwhelming.

There were over 40 designs submitted for last year’s contest, and then a portion of those were created in Ethiopia as samples. We then brought them to the ALT conference for a vote. The design that won was by Janette Crawford of Fashion Loves People, pictured with Barrett and Gabby Blair (ALT co-founder).  And like all fashionABLE products, the scarf was named after one of the heroic women we work with named Genet.

The scarf became one of our most successful designs, with everyone telling us it was a staple in their wardrobe. And it ended up becoming a favorite for everyone from Christy Turlington to Anne V to Marcus Samuelson! We believe the reason it became so popular is because this scarf so beautifully represents the idea of SLOW FASHION: a product that is high quality, made by hand, has a beautiful story, and will be a staple in your closet that you could wear on any occasion.

So we’re doing it again! We’ve teamed up with Gabby and ALT Summit to host another scarf design contest, but this time there are going to be a couple of fun twists. Winners will get a free entry to the ALT conference of their choice + $500 credit to spend on your favorite fashionABLE products!

We’re looking for all kinds of designs, from elegant simple stripes to a more intricate design like the Genet. Will you help us create this product?

- Submit your designs to: design(at) by July 24.
Then the top designs will be sent to Ethiopia for samples to be made!
In mid-August, we will all vote online from the finalists.
September 1: The winning scarf goes on sale! We’re super excited about how we’ll be selling this product. We’ll share hints + details as the time approaches.

Your name will be attached to the design on all promotion, and you’ll be helping to create sustainable business for women in Ethiopia. Pretty cool huh?

To get all of the design parameters + details, email: design(at)

HOW IT ALL STARTED: This partnership all started when Gabby went on a trip with ONE in 2012 and got to meet some of the ladies who make our scarves!  We’re so thankful to ONE, and all of the ways they are constantly shedding light on the power of investing in women and lifting them out of poverty – check out their current campaign for women and girls at

fashionABLE Genet scarf actress & fashionABLE friend Minka Kelly gifts Jimmy Fallon the Genet scarf!

Anne V fashionABLE above: model Anne V rockin’ the Genet scarf with the Meseret scarf (a design contest runner-up!) 
below, clockwise from top left: Lauren Bush Lauren, Marcus Samuelsson, Emily Maynard, Christy Turlington

fashionABLE Genet Scarf

11Jul, 2014

fashionABLE Favorite Summer Trends

fashionABLE favorite summer trends

For those of us here at fashionABLE, summer dressing can sometimes be a bit difficult. Scarves are our jam, after all. It’s also been a general consensus around the office that we much prefer bundling up in cozy layers in muted tones, as opposed to baring it all in the sweltering sun. However, with the height of summer upon us, we don’t have much of choice these days. So, to make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best trends for summer. Over the next few weeks we’ll be showing you ways to make the most of your summer style, so check back here each Friday for our favorites!

fashionABLE favorite summer trends

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09Jul, 2014

Totes Amazing: New Colors + a FREE Bracelet!

Because of huge demand creating backorder, we are moving up production for earlier ship dates with 2 additional colors and adding in a free bracelet!

Y’all. We sold out of our first run of Mamuye Totes in 2 days! You guys really know an amazing product when you see it.

The incredible ladies in Ethiopia are crafting more of the original cognac leather bags as we speak, and we’ll have them back in stock soon. And, because of the overwhelming response, we’ve decided to bring over 2 new colorways (black and chocolate brown) from Ethiopia earlier than we had originally planned, too! 

fashionABLE Mamuye Tote |

So here’s the deal. We’ve marked all 3 colors as “backordered”.  Go ahead & place your order for the color you want, and then we’ll ship them to you as soon as we can.  The expected ship dates are: 7/24 for black & chocolate brown and 8/1 for cognac.

And, just for fun, if you order while they’re backordered, we’ll throw in a FREE Teshome leather bracelet, too!*

*The free Teshome bracelet is for all Mamuye Tote orders placed while on backorder, from 7/9-7/18.  Color of bracelet will be either the red w/ navy thread or navy w/ green thread.

07Jul, 2014

The Mamuye Tote is Here!

Mamuye Tote |

The wait is finally over!  The Mamuye Tote is here & we couldn’t be more excited.  This tote bag is hand-crafted in Ethiopia with high quality leather, making it both gorgeous and durable. And each tote comes with a detachable pouch! Use it for work, play, and everything in between. We are confident the Mamuye Tote will become your new favorite bag.

And to celebrate their arrival, we’re throwing in one of our classic summer scarves, the color-blocked Alem, inside your tote for free!  This little extra goody is only available for Totes purchased today & tomorrow (July 7 & 8) — so don’t wait!

Mamuye Leather Tote w/ pouch |

Even better: did you know we now have FREE SHIPPING* on all orders over $80?  So you don’t have to worry about paying shipping when you order your Tote!  Happy shopping!!


*Free Shipping option is UPS Ground. If you need your order quicker, please select another option.

27Jun, 2014

Freedom + Justice For All.

Independence Day is a week away.  Celebrating the stars and stripes with barbecue and beer has become one of the most beloved days of the summer.  But if you’re anything like us, you often forget why we so proudly promote the red, white, & blue…

Independence Day | livefashionABLE.comThe preamble of the Declaration of Independence states  “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”   We are fortunate to live in a country that affords us freedom and opportunity.  But so many around the world do not have the same rights or privileges.

A huge part of our mission and commitment to SLOW FASHION is the belief that every person deserves to be FREE — free to choose a job with dignity, free to have peace & confidence, and free to have goals & dreams for the future.  This year as we celebrate Independence Day we’re claiming FREEDOM + JUSTICE for all.  May the red, white, & blue you wear be a reminder to rejoice in freedom and fight for justice.

Independence Day Bundle

And to make your red, white, & blue choice a little easier, we’ve bundled up 2 of our favorites: the super soft & lightweight Alem scarf in a natural white + the Teshome bracelet in red & navy. This Independence Day Bundle is $44 (a $56 value!) and will only be available this next week until July 4th!

25Jun, 2014

Stack & Save. | STACK & SAVE

The new Teshome leather wrap bracelets are so much fun stacked together that we’re offering a STACK & SAVE deal.

Teshome Stack & Save |

When you buy more, you save more: Buy 2 and you save $8, or buy 4 and you save $20!  The discount will be adjusted as you add additional bracelets to your shopping bag.  This deal won’t last forever, so grab your favorites & GET STACKED!

Teshome Bracelet Stack & Save |

24Jun, 2014

3 Reasons Why We’re Taking it Slow.

The trend these days seems to be more stuff, more quickly, and more often. We’ve adopted an accelerated pace of life that robs us of enjoying moments and savoring experiences.  Instead, we think that everything in life should be easily accessible, affordable, and disposable.

In the midst of a culture craving quick, here at fashionABLE, we are working on slowing things down.


Slow Fashion is a term that was coined in 2007 by Kate Fletcher, founder of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.  The movement has gained momentum in the last few years with organizations and businesses dedicated to creating sustainable commerce with an economically-friendly supply chain to assure quality over quantity.  

Slow Fashion |

While the fast fashion cycle is moving at an uncontrollable pace, here are three reasons we’re taking it slow:

1. Sustainability. Our mission statement gives full explanation as to why we are so passionate about sustainability. We believe that the solutions to ending poverty lie in creating economic opportunity and that lasting change happens when we move beyond charity and focus on providing jobs that promote dignity.  We know that takes time (and patience!) but we are committed to creating sustainable business in Africa.

2. Supply Chain. fashionABLE creates jobs for the entire supply chain, not only for the women who weave our scarves or craft our leather goods.  Your purchase of fashionABLE products means you’re investing in a developing economy, from sourcing to shipments. We also require all manufacturers and suppliers we work with to employ with fair wages and fair hiring practices.

3. Story. Every fashionABLE product is named after one of the heroic women we work with. That means every product has a story behind it.  The women who so carefully and lovingly weave and craft our items are now ABLE to do something because of your purchase… from feeling confident, to sending their kids to school, to having dreams for their future.

We pride ourselves in the fact that every scarf and blanket is beautifully hand-woven, and each leather good has been artistically hand-crafted. The production process is detailed and thorough, creating quality, timeless products.

Slow Fashion |

Who makes your stuff matters. How it’s made matters.  Your decision to intentionally purchase products that are thoughtfully designed and produced has the ability to change an entire industry.  We can be a part of the solution to create ethical, sustainable business, together, one SLOW step at a time.  Will you join us?

Slow Fashion |

23Jun, 2014

Meet the Summer Interns.

fashionABLE | summer interns

(disclaimer: you do not have to be beautiful to be a fashionABLE intern.
this summer’s crew just happen to all be gorgeous!)

We’re pleased to introduce you to our 2014 Summer Interns! Our five interns are full of energy and enthusiasm for the fashionABLE mission, and we’ve loved having them around our office!

We’ll introduce each of them below, but first wanted to let you know we are excepting applications for the Fall season right now!  Get details + the application – due 2 weeks from today, July 7th!


Kaley Barenkamp | Lee University | Communication & Advertising major | Knoxville, TN

First celebrity crush?  Not first, but definitely favorite – Shia Labeouf. He is one good lookin’ gentleman these days.

Favorite places to visit in Nashville? Definitely Frothy Monkey and Jeni’s. Anywhere on 12 south really. I could probably live off coffee and ice cream if that were even the least bit practical.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Paris, France. I know that’s not super unique or anything, but I have a long list. That’s just the next of many.

Favorite places to shop? How would you describe your style? I don’t really know if I have a “style”, per-say. I like to stay up with the latest trends from brands like Free People or JCrew, and I love basically everything at Anthropologie, but I like to think I have a pretty open mind when it comes to fashion.

Best concert you’ve ever been to? Definitely Maroon 5. Adam, my love for you will never fade, but I really hope the blonde hair phase does.

All time favorite TV show? What are you currently watching? All time favorite? Definitely Full House. I learned a lot of very important life lessons in those last 3 to 5 minutes father-daughter talks in every episode. Currently, I’m kind of keeping up with the Bachelorette, while also convincing some fellow interns they could totally find their soul mate by signing up for the show themselves.

If you could be best friends with any fictional character, who would it be? Throwin it way back, but Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany’s is about as big of a character as you could get in my opinion, and I love it. Being her best friend could potentially make me her cat, but aside from that minor detail, I can only imagine how many ridiculously random stories her best friend would have to tell.

What made you want to work for fashionABLE? I heard about the internship from someone already here at fashionABLE, and the more I researched the company, the more I loved the mission of it all. I’m not someone who’s crazy consumed by the fashion world, and I don’t think I ever could be. So, working with fashionABLE has been so much fun just to be exposed to what Nashville has to offer, as well as learning from some creative people.


Jane Walton | Mississippi State University | Public Relations + Journalism | Jackson, MS

Any guilty pleasures? Spending too much money on fancy coffee (hazelnut + cinnamon lattes, to be exact), re-watching the Katy Perry movie on Netflix on probably a monthly basis, reading mommy blogs.

First celebrity crush? Lance Bass – I had posters I adorned with kissy stickers all over the back of my closet door for quite a few years.

Favorite places to visit in Nashville? Imogene + Willie and Pangea for shopping, The Pharmacy and Virago for good food, Jeni’s and Barista Parlor for a treat, and Arrington Vineyards for a view.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Greece and Morocco. And I’m dying to go back to both Paris and Florence, Italy.

Favorite places to shop? How would you describe your style? I like classic and timeless with a twist or bit of edge. Everything Madewell and Rag & Bone make are perfect to me, and I love a good Target bargain.

Best concert you’ve ever been to? Front row at Mumford and Sons was probably the greatest thing ever. NSYNC when I was in 3rd grade is a close second (Hey there, Lance Bass…).

All time favorite TV show? What are you currently watching? The OC and Gilmore Girls. Currently watching the new season of Orange is the New Black.

What made you want to work for fashionABLE? I love fashion and know it’s the industry I want to work in, but I’ve always struggled with the materialistic nature that world can bring, so fashionABLE was the perfect fit in that there’s a purpose behind what’s being done, and lives are being impacted.

Fun Facts: I met Frankie Muniz at the London Bridge and Conan O’Brien at the Mona Lisa. Live music, front porch swings, Mexican food (namely avocados), and good books are my favorite things.


Claire Brandon | University of Tennessee | International Business Management | Nashville, TN

Any guilty pleasures? …P!nk

First celebrity crush? Lance Bass

Favorite places to visit in Nashville? Baskin Robbins in Downtown Franklin, Love Circle lookout, and Satco

Any favorite hobbies? Painting, camping, going on YouTube rampages

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go? Egypt or Greece

Favorite places to shop? How would you describe your style? Quality, streamlined, simple. Favorite places to shop are average, so I’ll do favorite clothing lines: Jenni Kayne, Phillip Lim, and Proenza Schouler.

Best concert you’ve ever been to? John Legend Acoustic, but soon to be Beyonce and JayZ

All time favorite TV show? Mad Men

If you could be best friends with any fictional character, who would it be? Arthur the Aardvark

What made you want to work for fashionABLE? The business model. I’ve been looking to find a combination of fashion and meaning and I’ve found it here, in my home town.

Fun Facts: My first name is Martha. I’m obsessed with all things Kate Bosworth, Rooney Mara, and Alexa Chung.


Morgan Crutchfield | University of Tennessee | Marketing with Internationa Business | Knoxville, TN

Any guilty pleasures? Bachelor/Bachelorette and Dr. 90210

Favorite places to visit in Nashville? Urban Grub, Peach Truck, and Movie Theater

Favorite Places to shop? Nordstrom, Lululemon, Marshalls

Best Concert you’ve ever been to? Jack Johnson or Celine Dion…Soon-to-be KATY PERRY.

All time favorite TV show? The Hills (gotta love LC, duh)

What made you want to work for fashionABLE? It’s simple. They make a difference in women’s lives so… sign me up!

Fun Facts: I am an avid movie-goer. I’m obsessed with my dogs (girls). My family is my life. And I LOVE fashionABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lindsay Shaughnessy | Auburn University | Apparel Design + Product Development | Lynchburg, VA

Any guilty pleasures? Guilty pleasure is my favorite restaurant used to be Cici’s (food, fun, and family can’t get much better than that for $5)

First celebrity crush? Jesse McCartney…”Beautiful” won me over.

Favorite place to visit in Nashville? Saturday Musician in the Park days.

Favorite hobbies? I enjoy sketching and doing art.

Worst habit? I never charge my phone.

If you could visit anywhere in the world..? I would go back to Florence, Italy

Favorite places to shop? Local boutiques. I love the personality that each buyer brings to their store. I like minimalist jewelry and very flowy, girly looks like Anthro or Free People. I’ve also got a little western girl to me and love those cowgirl boots  Otherwise, target is always my favorite store for whatever I possibly could need.

Best concert you’ve ever been to? George Strait’s final concert in Dallas, TX just a few weeks ago

All time favorite show? What are you currently watching? Probably Gilmore Girls (typical) and I am currently watching Friday Night Lights

If you could be best friends with a fictional character…? I would be best friends with Lorelai Gilmore. I just really think we would be best friends.

What made you want to work for fashionABLE? I first fell in love with fashionABLE while working in the showroom that they were sold in. I simply started glancing through the scarves and discovering how obsessed I was about to become. After just loving the product itself, I learned about the mission. My brother is currently in India working for a ministry fighting sex trafficking and I have always been deeply involved with women’s ministry for young girls, so I fell even more in love with the brand. Being an apparel design student, the industry is hard to enter without it completely seeming to be a worldly focus. FashionABLE was honestly an answer for prayers of how I might want to go forward with my talents and interests in fashion and design. I’ve loved working here because of what we’re doing, but the best part is by far are the people here.


Aren’t our Interns awesome? We think so.
And we’d love YOU to join us this Fall. Apply by Monday, July 7th!

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